Relaxing Spring Break Destinations


With the last snow storms and cold waves one might start thinking about the upcoming spring break, right? But there are some misconceptions about the now infamous spring vacation time like, all sea side cities and towns are filled with wild college students and frat boys, party animals and any other person under the influence while this is not entirely true. That being said, we would like to show you some relaxing spring break destinations that will get you wondering why it got such a bad reputation.

Most people dread the party hard stile of springbreakers in the most famous beach destinations.
Photo credit: Gabriella Mattos under CC License.

Cancun, Mexico:

Although your first reaction was probably a resounding WHAT THE FUDGE? Cancun as one of the top spring break destinations in Mexico may actually surprise you since it is quiet easy to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city’s Party Center. Properties like Crown Paradise Beach Cancun are secluded enough to have a mile long white sandy beach that offers lots of fun under the sun for families of all ages as well as other outdoor activities away from spring breakers.

The pool at the Crown Paradise beach Cancun matches the ocean.
Photo credit: Tiny Froglet under CC License.

Cozumel, Mexico:

The island of swallows, as is also known is a beach and scuba paradise for travelers of all ages all year-round. With cruise ships arriving on a weekly basis and an international airport with good connectivity to and from the United States as well as other areas of Mexico; you can enjoy pristine azure waters and more white powdery beaches along with one of the best scuba and snorkeling adventures of your life. The quaint town offers a Caribbean vibe with colorful houses and wooden shutters overlooking at the canal that separates it from the Riviera Maya, it has remained quiet and almost untouched over the years, a well-kept secret in the Mexican Caribbean that makes Cozumel a great place for a relaxing spring break destination.

Cozumel is still a well kept secret in the mexican caribbean.Photo credit: Atramos under CC License.

Guanacaste, Costa Rica:

Located in the north western region of Costa Rica, Guanacaste brags of having some of the Pacific ocean’s most beautiful and secluded beaches in Central America. The region has very unique climate and culture among other provinces in the country, with mountains and volcanoes, it has a natural richness that attracts travelers looking for unique and relaxing adventures from all over the world, which makes it the perfect and off the beaten path spring break destination. 

Horseback Riding at the beach in is definitely a must in Guanacaste, Costa Rica.
Photo credit: Chris Goldberg under CC License.

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic:

This famous Dominican getaway suffers from the same unlucky reputation as Cancun: it is considered a spring break capital. Although you may not be entirely a lie, the truth is actually far more simple: Punta Cana is a long strip of beaches with all-inclusive resorts that go on for miles and miles; travelers just need to choose wisely their resort accommodations and avoid those resorts that have spring break fares that are more suited for college students; as simple as that. Properties like Club Meliá Caribe are perfect for families of all ages with endless activities including live shows, watersports and gorgeous beaches for a fun and relaxed spring break in Punta Cana.

The Meliá Caribe Punta Cana is a dreamy all inclusive resort.
Photo credit: Richard Feliciano under Cc License.

Whether you decide to fly to a closer destination from home like Cancun or Cozumel or you are going to take a chance on places further away, or just if you are narrowing down your spring break destination picks to Caribbean Sea or Pacific Ocean, just give us a call and our concierges will be more than happy to assist you with your reservations and planning way ahead of the travel date so you can have a relaxing spring break vacation in paradise!

Best Places To Celebrate National Tortilla Chip Day!

We all love tortilla chips. That’s a fact, this delicious snack is a favorite worldwide from nachos to chilaquiles, we can’t just get enough of all the corn deliciousness condensed is just a single wedge of tortilla corn that goes with just about everything. But for now we will only concentrate in the most famous dish that came out of tortilla chips: Nachos! 

A match made in heaven: tortilla chips and guacamole.
Photo credit: Rachel under CC License.

According to the site Foodspotting which traced a map of the world’s best places to find nachos, here is a list that will help you in the quest for those tasty tortilla chips everywhere you travel to:

San Francisco:

The city is known for its friendliness and embracing different cultures and beings as quirky as they can be. As a cultural melting pot there are little places on the planet that have the vibe of San Francisco. That said, mexican culture has always being really strong in the area and therefore, amazing tortilla chips dishes can be found, as for nachos, the go to places are Papalote Mexican Grill and try the nachos a Biscuits & Blues.


Oahu is probably one of the most remote places of the United States and luckily, its main city, Honolulu, has some great places where nachos are among their top dishes. Try the Tater Tot Nachos at Home Bar & Grill and the Kuala Pig Lomi Lomi Salmon Nachos & Sriracha Sauce at Bank of Hawaii Corporate. Sounds weird but they’re definitely good.

Who would have thought that besides amazing beaches, volcanos and landscapes, Hawaii had also amazing nachos?
Photo credit: Aaron Chaleff under CC License.


Spanish cuisine is definitely one of the best of the world, with a variety of dishes, flavors and spices that make our mouth water just to think about them. That said, try the Nachos with Bolognese sauce at Tommy Mels in Madrid as well as the Pork Nachos at Tierra Burrito Bar or the Nachos with Guacamole at La Panza es Primero.


Who would have thought that some of the best nachos ever would be found in Portugal? Lisbon has a history of amazing cuisine and we cannot doubt of the talent of portuguese cooks to give nachos their own exquisite spin. Try the classic nachos at Chili’s or the Hard Rock Nachos at the Hard Rock Cafe in Lisbon. Yumm!

The Hard Rock Nachos in Lisbon’s Hard Rock Cafe are comfort food heaven.
Photo credit: Foodspotting

New York:

The Big Apple is also considered by many as planet earth’s capital and therefore, the city could not be left behind in the quest for the best tortilla chip made dishes in the world. With a large Mexican-American community and mexican food lovers all over the city, the New Yorker’s nacho game is spot on. Try the Gringo Nachos at George Keeley with layers and layers of tortilla chips, cheese, chili, salsa, jalapeño peppers and sour cream or the Hurricane Nachos at Cowgirl Seahorse with a hurricane of taste of pork, chicken, beef and shrimp; the nachos at Picante bring tortilla chips, guacamole, pico de gallo and jalapeño peppers like anywhere in Mexico.

Las Vegas:

Las Vegas is very very close to Mexico, just take the car and you will be crossing the border within a few hours driving south. With such proximity, it is no wonder that the Mexican influence is strong in Las Vegas, so any mexican food joint is going to have amazing tacos and, of course, delicious nachos. A place like KoMex has an interesting mix since you can find creative dishes such as Bulgogi Beef Fusion Nachos or just the traditional Guacamole and Chips or, indulge a the Mandalay Bay’s Red Square with the Sibearian Nachos loaded with caviar, salmon and crème fresh.

Red Square’s Siberian Nachos come with caviar, salmon and creme fresh.
Photo credit: Foodspotting


As a cultural melting pot, London has it all. You would be surprised of the amount of Mexican restaurant and Mexican inspired dishes you can find in this metropolis is endless, the connection and love between London and Mexico even extends to a Mexico Week during the spring. That being said, try the Tortilla Chips and Salsa at Wahaca or ask for Jose’s Nachos a Joe Kool’s.

Sao Paulo:

Brazilians know how to spice things up, and paulistas particularly love to enjoy good, honest and scrumptious meals. Get the best nachos in town at Si Señor see for yourselves what we mean.

Buenos Aires:

When most people think about Argentina and Buenos Aires, they think of amazing mouthwatering beef, sexy malbec wine, baked good and sweets, right? Well, the good old Hard Rock Café in the hip and trendy Recoleta neighborhood has some of the best nachos you will ever try.

The famous “Floralis Generica” or spring Flower is steps away from the best nachos in Buenos Aires.
Photo credit: Armando Rescende under CC License.

Istambul :

Would it be possible to find amazing nachos in a place as far away as Turkey? The answer is Yes! Even the turkish fell in love with mexican food and the nachos is something to rave about at Ranchero Mexican Restaurant.

Cebu City:

Who would have thought that it was possible to find delicious and scrumptious nachos in an island in the Philippines? Well, that’s exactly what you are going to find in Cebu Island, after a long day of intense watersports or just lounging under the sun, a full plate of Nachos de Salsa and a beverage at Moon Café is just what you need.

See? It is a universal truth that everyone loves nachos and nachos are made out of tortilla chips, therefore, the best way to celebrate National Tortilla Chip Day is by getting a nice plate of nachos wherever in the world you may be, or even better, why not plan your upcoming trips around nachos? Give us a call; our concierge will make that craving based trip happen!