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Architecture is for sure an artistic expression. Its ingenious, unique and full of beauty designs are located all around the world, decorating the streets and giving an amazing cultural touch. These hotels, museums, temples and all kinds of modern buildings are a mandatory stop for every good travel.

If you want to visit a stunning building, here are some examples of architecture wonders that you can find in your next vacations:

  • Petronas Towers, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, the capital of the country, is the home city of the largest twin towers of the world. Its design is inspired by the Islamic eight-pointed star; they are united by a bridge to give it some stability. It is the highest bridge of the world, this is why the building has become the most important symbol of the whole country.

  • Burj Khalifa, Dubai

When you think about Dubai, you imagine it as a very extravagant country with an expensive lifestyle, that idea is not far from the reality and this building is the perfect expression of that. This is the largest skyscraper of the world with 2,717 ft. of height. Inside of it you can find luxury hotels, offices and even an observatory. In front of it there is a square where you can appreciate an amazing flag spectacle reflected in the tower at night.

  • Emporia mall, Sweden

This is one of the biggest malls in Scandinavia. It has a very luxury and shiny design with a lot of crystals all over the structure. In the middle, it seems like the roof is falling, but the truth is that is made like that, with an incredible sinkhole that is simply a master piece. Delight this incredible architectonic structure with your own eyes!

  • Atomium, Belgium

Have you ever imagined a building with an atom structure? It does exist and is located in Belgium. Atomium was created for The General Exposition in Brussels, but now is a touristic attraction where you can go around its famous halls, that have a tubular shape, and then arrive to an exhibition room: another one with a panoramic view. Also, visit the children sphere and even a restaurant.

  • Sydney Opera House, Australia

Maybe the most important theater of the whole country. This building is one of the most famous of the world, and also a human heritage. Its structure is made of giants concrete shells, inspired in its closeness to the ocean and its importance in the country. There is no better way to prove that you went to Sidney that with an incredible picture in its Opera House.

  • Lotus Temple, India

Just like its name says it, the structure of this temple is inspired in a closed lotus flower; with its beauty and incredible design. It has won a lot of architecture awards, becoming in the most touristic place in New Delhi. You can enter to it in one of the seven doors that represent the union of all the religions. Do not miss the opportunity to contemplate it!

One of the most important part of a country’s culture is the architectonic pieces that you can find. Inside of them, you can find art and also comfort, with some restaurants and hotels. It can be an experience full of adventure and the most interesting facts. Contact your Personal and Lifestyle Concierge to book your tickets in your favorite architectonic wonder for your next vacations.

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