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One of the most recognized music genres in North America! Jazz has captivated millions with its melodies, vocal armories and the perfect combination of percussion, saxophone or trumpets and string instruments.

When the African slaves arrived to New Orleans, they were not allowed to play instruments, except for some places of the city, where they used to play music and dance freely; but because of the lack of instruments, they started to incorporate some other instruments such as banjo, and with this new instruments they started to create new sounds until they created Jazz music.

On April 30thit is celebrated the World Jazz Day, so we would like to explain the best way to live this musical experience:

  • Visit New Orleans

The Jazz home town is the ideal place to feel jazz music in its best expression. Here you will find music walking by the streets, in restaurants, in touristic activities and more. This music genre is a symbol of the city and gives it and interesting and artistic touch, in company with the old and European structures.

  • A Jazz cruise

Enjoy an incredible trip above water and listen the best live jazz. A great option is the Creole Queen that sails above the Mississippi, where you can relax and enjoy dinner and the amazing swamps of Louisiana. Another option is the Smooth Jazz Cruise in Florida, it sails on Spring and it is like a great jazzy party. Enjoy it while visiting different destinations of the Caribbean.

  • Jazz museums

This one is good if you want to know more about the Jazz culture. Learn about artists, the most famous songs, dancers, albums, the important movements where jazz has an important character, artworks inspired in the whole genre, symbolic instruments and more. It is an incredible world of knowledge and culture that you can discover.

  • Music fests

Not only in New Orleans you can find the best Jazz; a good example of this is the great quantity of Jazz festivals celebrated all around the world. United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Italy and Austria are just some of the countries that celebrate great and incredible festivals to make honor to this music genre.

  • Jazz pubs

If you rather to enjoy soft Jazz music while you are talking with that special someone, family or friends, and also tasting some delicious drinks or food, a Jazz pub, bar or restaurant will be a great option for you. You can find these all around the world and there you can appreciate incredible live jazz music.

Jazz music is one of the favorite genres for quite parties or huge musician meetings, and also for those who love listening the old artists from the 20s and the 30s. It’s a mix of sounds and rhythms that create a unique and pleasant music that many people love, because it’s spontaneous. Contact your Travel and Lifestyle Concierge to know where you can find a jazzy experience in your next trip.

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