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New Zealand is a paradise on Earth! Its amazing landscapes look like fairytale’s scenes, with its great variety of environments, they create an endless list of things to do and see in this country. If you want to know more about the cities or be closer to nature, New Zealand is perfect for you.

Beyond Experience shows you some interesting facts that you must know before your next trip to New Zealand:

  • The main islands

New Zealand is an insular country conformed by a great group of islands. The North Island and the South Island are the principal territory where the most important cities and big part of the population is located. In the North, you will enjoy tropical weather and incredible beaches. In the South, is perfect to explore all the nature wonders like the impressive mountains, lakes and glaciers.

  • A multiracial culture

The history of this country has a mix of the British, Irish, native indigenous called Maori and Polynesian culture. The result is a very variated population, and a strong influence in aspects of their daily life; just like driving on the left side like they do in England, the gastronomy and the language.

  • Biodiversity

Thanks to the seclusion, the biodiversity of New Zealand is one of the most variated of the planet; the animals and plants spices are unique and they live in an incredibly beautiful environment. This makes New Zealand the perfect place for hiking and exploring. You will never stop being surprised with the magic of this place!

  • Lord of Rings tourism

Some people recognize this country as the famous sets of the Lord of Rings movies. If you are a fan, good news for you…you can visit the Hobbiton! The country conserves this place with little houses as a touristic attraction for all those who will love to feel like inside the movie.

  • Do not forget your sunscreen

It is important to be really careful with the sun in New Zealand, because the country is located under a hole in the ozone layer. But do not let this stop your dreamed vacation in this beautiful country; you just have to avoid the noon sun and always wear your sunscreen to have a better experience.

  • A camper trip

This country has so many things to see and incredible landscapes that is worthy to go around all of it on a road trip. What if you sleep and eat in your own transportation with a camper? This kind of tourism is very popular in New Zealand and a lot of enterprise offer campers for you to rent and explore this region in the best way.

Explore, relax, enjoy, discover and go out of your comfort zone going to a new country located in one of the most remote regions of the world. For sure you will be captivated with all the incredible things that you will see there. Contact your Travel and Lifestyle Concierge to know the best way to have an amazing trip to New Zealand.

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