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In these days, enjoying a getaway from big cities and the daily life seems to be a good option, and what a better way to do it that knowing all the incredible touristic attraction that you can find in unimagined places like a forest or a quiet village full of nature and culture. That is exactly what you can find while doing some rural tourism, which is friendly with the environment and full of hidden treasures.

Hereunder Beyond Experience shows some great activities that you can include in your next trip to a rural destination:

  • Lodging

You can camp in front of the beach, rest in a comfy cabin with the best European mountain views or in a country house inside the Mayan forest in Mexico. All these are incredible options for you and your family to lodge during your adventure to rural places, it will include all what you need to enjoy the best experience but also will a special nature touch.

  • Visit local communities

In these places you can enjoy a whole cultural adventure! You can spend a good time with local people, know more about its culture, traditions, lifestyle, delight the different dishes part of their gastronomy and if you are visiting a community with a different language, you can learn some words from them. All this surrounded by nature, definitively is something that you cannot miss!

  • Get to know the product of the zone

Almost all the rural locations have tehir own productions of textiles, jewelry, leather, pottery, wood, glass, toys, candy and more! One of the activities that you can do is to visit the workshops of all this handcrafts and get to know the history and the process, its production in a closer way. Also you can take some stuff as a souvenir.

  • Explore the zone

Activities outside are the best options to get closer to nature and fill your lungs with fresh air! Make some hiking and get to know all the wonders that the mountains or the forest have. Also if you are near the beach, you cannot miss to walk in the shore and take a refreshing swim, or maybe if bicycle paths are available, you can enjoy a ride to move around the place.

  • Archaeological zones

If you are visiting a place where the decedents of ancient cultures lived, like Maya or Greek, for sure they will have archeologic areas to show to you. These zones have old structures that you can explore walking and learn more about the origins of the town that you are visiting. Some of them are closed archeologic parks, and you need to pay a little amount to enter. This is another way to help the local economy.

Find a quiet and peaceful place far from the big cities and masses by discovering hidden corners of your favorite vacation country with a different way to make tourism. Contact your Travel and Lifestyle Concierge to know how to add rural activities to you next vacation itinerary.

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