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This world is full of wonderful places where to enjoy parties, new cultures, adventures and more! What a better way to do it that with the incredible company of your closest girlfriends. Some destinations are perfect to share amazing moments and create the best memories on a trip with your girls. Between friends, the party never ends!

Beyond Experience shows you hereunder some incredible places where to have a girl’s trip where you will live the best experience of your life.

  • Las Vegas

In this city anything can happen! This is why is the perfect place to travel with your friends and enjoy the craziest nights. You can go to casinos, have fun in huge spectacles of recognize artists, stay in a thematic hotels, where you can see replications of the Eiffel Tower and the Venice canals, or attend to the Cirque du Soleil. Discover these and more in Las Vegas!

  • Playa del Carmen

The Mexican Caribbean is a beautiful place to travel with your ladies to relax. Enjoy some drinks at the beach, delight delicious dishes an maybe party at night in the 5th Avenue. On this city you can take incredible pictures of you and all your friend next to the turquois blue water of its beaches, here also you can visit some cenotes or a thematic park like Xcaret.

  • New York

The city that never sleeps can adapt perfectly to the kind of travel that you want for you and you girlfriends! All thanks to its great diversity; here you can party all night long, visit museums, go around Time Square, delight dishes from all around the world, appreciate musicals from Broadway and go shopping in its outlets. There are activities for all kind for taste!

  • Havana

This is a place full of color, music and dances everywhere! Is another perfect destination to explore with your girlfriends. You can go around the streets of La Havana and discover the warmth and joy of its people, delicious dishes, sweet drinks, classic cars and a lot old buildings that will make you and you girls travel in time. Also, you can see some stunning sunsets at one of its beautiful beaches that you cannot miss.

  • Dublin

If you like to hang out at night and get some drinks with your friends and enjoy all night with good jokes and irish music, Dublin is ideal for you! With its pubs and popular bars, you and your girls will visit a lot of places where you can enjoy local beer. In addition, you can visit the famous factories where these are made and also some natural beauties where scene of the series Game of Thrones were filmed.

  • Ibiza

This Spanish island is recognized for its beauty and big parties; The ideal places to celebrate with your girls! But also, here you and your friends can enjoy music festivals; there you can enjoy jazz, rock, electronic music and more surrounded by the energy of thousands of people. For sure will be an experience that you will never forget!

A ladies’ trip is an excellent idea to disconnect from the daily life and have fun every second of your travel! It is simply the best combination for a vacation, incredible places and the best company! Contact your Travel and Lifestyle Concierge to make a whole itinerary for your next girls’ trip to a stunning destination.

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