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This world is full of incredible destinations with beautiful beaches, amazing mountains and big cities with a lot of cultures and activities to do. If you go beyond this idea, you will find more places, just likes abandoned villages, old places from another era or even old hiding caves under the city.

These places must look as something terrifying bit actually it is a completely different experience and a unique way to see your vacation destination, Beyond Experience shows you some of the best:

  • Transylvania

This region is full of forest and castles with terrifying stories. One of the most popular is the Dracula story! You can visit its castle that used to be the residence of Vlad the Impale or Vlad III Dracula; a prince that was the inspiration for the famous novel. Also here you can appreciate the incredible structures and hear some tales about the Turkish prisoners, which souls still live in the castles.

  • Salem

If you like the witch’s tales, this place is perfect for you! This town located in USA, it is known for its judgments and punishments against anyone who was evidenced as a witch around 1962. Today, you can visit the town and see the graves, museums and famous mansions to feel all the vibes of that era in your next vacations.

  • The inquisition museum

Around the world, there are a bunch of these amazing museums where you can find different machines that were used to make tortures in the medieval era. In this museums you can learn all about its history. It is a whole experience full of tales, stories and culture. Live an interesting and spooky moment!

  • Catacombs

Paris, the most romantic city of the world, keeps a secret under it: a subterranean cemetery decorated with a lot of bones! It has a tunnel system of around 2000 years; but now, it has become a very touristic place for those who like to experience goose bumps!

  • Chernobyl

This city became more popular this year. It is an interesting touristic destination! The town was abandoned when a big nuclear explosion happened inside town. Today, you can visit some specific places on a tour, where the radiation is in the normal levels, and there you can appreciate how the people left their entire life. Also you will see how the nature has covered a very important part of the town.

  • The island of the dolls

Inside of the Xochimilco channels in Mexico City, there is a little scary island full of dolls since the 50s. Its owner thought that in that way he could repel the bad spirits. Now you can visit the island with your friends and appreciate the dirty old dolls full of plants, spider webs and even you can leave your own dolls inside.

Some places maybe look scary and terrifying, but actually you can learn a lot of your favorite destination inside of it. Some of them marked an era, and some others are just part of the culture. Contact your Travel and Lifestyle Concierge to know what haunted place is available to visit on a  tour on next vacation destination.

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