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The rain does not have to be a reason to feel discouraged. Actually, it can be an excellent opportunity to get to know the city, forest or your favorite vacation destination in another different way, to hear the relaxing water falling and to discover all the interesting indoor activities that you can enjoy.

There are amazing places in the world where you can discover all the wonders of a rainy day. Hereunder, you will find some of the best options:

  • London

This city is known for its weather changes. The morning could be warm and sunny but two hours later, the rain can begin. So, if you would like to travel here, is good to have a plan B. Fortunately this is a big beautiful city with many things to do and visit, such as museums, art galleries, war rooms, tours to the royal palaces and more. There are always good option to enjoy of the city.

  • Costa Rica

This is a country full of forests and mountains, perfect to enjoy an incredible adventure with beautiful natural spaces that the rain decor, giving an extra special touch! The rain helps to keep the environment green and full of life. Climb a volcano or have fun on a zip line over the wet forest. Explore the stunning rainy wonders of Costa Rica!

  • Vancouver

This is the city with some of the best weathers in Canada and for sure, the rain makes it an spectacular scene! Here you can enjoy the skating rink and even an artificial beach! Also you can try the FlyOver Canada, a simulator where you will appreciate all the incredible landscapes of British Columbia.

  • Hong Kong

The rain is not an excuse for not enjoying what this extravagant and modern city has to offer! In the afternoon you can drink some tea, visit amazing places like Disney Hong Kong or one of the shopping districts full of arts and fashion. Here you can appreciate all the lights of the city tarnished by the rain.

  • Cologne

The cold weather is an amazing excuse to eat more delicious dishes! Your body needs it to keep you warm, so that is exactly what you can do in this German city. After having a trip over the cable car to see the incredible rainy view of Cologne and its gothic buildings, you must take a round to the Chocolate Museum, to taste delicious chocolates and learn more about its creation process.

  • Edinburgh

The capital of Scotia is a very interesting place with elegant buildings where the rain is always present. This country is famous around the world for its whiskey! A rainy day in Edinburgh is the perfect opportunity to take the Scottish Whiskey Experience; an amazing tour inside a place full of every kind of whiskey and scotch, sculptures to take the best pictures, tasting areas. Enjoy it with a rainy view!

Take advantage of your trip in every possible way! The rain is a great opportunity to go to amazing places and enjoy different activities, or just enjoy warm drinks with someone special while you are appreciating the water falling. Contact your Travel and Lifestyle Concierge to start planning your next trip to a rainy destination.

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