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The sustainable tourism has become an important movement nowadays, and one of the top ways to travel because of the importance that it gives to protect the environment. All plants, animals and natural resources have and important role in the balance of our Earth, and the ecotourism shows you how to meet all the natural spectacles without affecting that balance.

Beyond Experience gives you the best advices to enjoy an eco-experience on your next trip:

  • Go camping

This is one of the best lodging options if you are looking to stay close to nature! The best part is that you can experience the environment with no Wi-Fi and limited electricity. Just be careful with the products and tools that you use for your food like plastic or cans, it is very important to pick up all the trash or use recycled materials.

  • Visit natural reserves

Natural reserves are beautiful areas with lagoons, waterfalls or incredible flora. This areas including National Parks are visited by millions of nature lovers, and are protected by experts to reduce the pollution effects as much as possible. Another good idea is visiting butterfly and bird sanctuaries. Put it all together in one tour!

  • Try hiking

If you ever dreamed to contemplate hidden and beautiful natural wonders, probably the best way to get there is walking on pathways! Experience this activity with a tour guide, who could show you everything about the place, how to connect and take care of it and more!

  • Safari

This activity is perfect if you want to see the animals and a lot of impressive places in a short time. It is also one of the most comfortable ways to make ecotourism. The eco-safaris ensure to not disturb the animals in the whole tour. Definitively an unforgettable experience!

  • Water activities

The summer and the eco-tourism are perfect together! Get the opportunity to do activities like snorkeling to see all kind of fishes and coral reefs, or a tour in kayak to appreciate the view of beautiful beaches. You just have to use biodegradable sunscreen to take care of the fauna a flora and just enjoy the adventure!

  • Visit native communities

This is an incredible way to get to know about other cultures and get close to nature at the same time. The indigenous communities are a very important part of almost every country, and…why not knowing all the stories from their point of view? While you are seeing how they live, tasting their food and breathing pure air.

A lot of countries like Costa Rica, Mexico, USA, Australia, Spain and more, are incorporating the eco-tourism in their options to know the culture and the iconic areas of it. It is an incredible way to preserve the environment and keep it as a touristic attraction for many years. Even when you are not visiting an ecological reserve, always remember to use recycled, biodegradable products and put your trash in the right place to reduce the environmental impact. Contact your Travel and Lifestyle Concierge to start planning your eco-trip.

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