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Choosing a cruise for your next vacations with your family is an amazing option! On a cruise travel you can visit a whole country, a continent and even the world in just one trip! It includes the most delicious food, drinks and entertainment. There are activities for all ages while travelling to the most incredible destinations in the world.

One of the principal doubts before choosing a cruise vacation is what route is the best and what are the most amazing locations to visit? To clarify these question, Beyond Experience shows you some of the best destinations to visit on a cruise ship.

  • Caribbean

Perfect for those who love the sun, the beach and the activities in the water, places like Florida, Punta Cana, Jamaica and so many more, are full color, with the perfect weather all year long, exotic food, and friendly people that will make you feel like home. Have an incredible tropical experience at the Caribbean!

  • Alaska and the Arctic Circle

Visit one of the most authentic places in the world, where you can contemplate northern lights, glaciers, and little towns surrounded by snow where you can know more about its traditions and the stories of the region. Definitively something an amazing and unique experience!

  • Mediterranean

Italy, the Greek islands and the southern Spain are just some of the countries that you can visit. Travelling on a cruise ship through the Mediterranean is an experience that has no comparison! Here you can appreciate some of the most important European monuments and unique destinations full of beauty. Do not miss this opportunity!

  • Bermuda

This destination combines luxury, glamour and a tropical style full of beaches. Located next to Florida, when your ship arrives in Bermuda, you can visit some of the caves, beautiful cities or the famous pink beach. Take home a souvenir of this stunning destination!

  • Polynesian islands

Hawaii, Bora Bora and more of these stunning islands in the middle of the pacific are one of the best options. Nature will be the main character in your visit to the Polynesian Islands and the best part is that you can select a cruise that stops in each one of them. Take advantage of your trip in the best way!

  • Australia

The wonders of Australia will impress you every time! It has modern cities like Sydney, also different animal species and environment to discover. In your stop here, for sure you will enjoy some of these. Explore deserts in front of the sea or maybe meet a kangaroo. Have the adventure of your life in this country!

By traveling on a cruise ship, you will have fun on board with all the activities that the ship has to offer; like casino, water parks, movie theaters, restaurants and more! Also, you can enjoy the incredible destinations that you will visit on our trip. Contact your Travel and Lifestyle Concierge to book a cruise trip with the best routes.

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