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This Mexican state is the perfect beach destination! With the summer weather all year long and impressive natural landscapes mixed with a rich culture, it is the ideal formula to enjoy a complete experience. One of the most amazing places to know in Quintana Roo is Bacalar, one of the magic towns of this state with so many natural treasures that you cannot miss to visit.

Hereunder Beyond Experience shows you some of the best activities to do and places to go in this impressive destination of the Mexican Caribbean.

  • Lagoon of Bacalar

This is maybe the main attraction of the zone. This place is so spectacular that is a mandatory stop in your trip to Bacalar! Also known as the 7 colors lagoon, because for its different shades of blue in the same lake; its calmly water makes it perfect to enjoy a day full of water sports such as rowing surf or jet ski.

  • Cenotes

Another amazing wonder of this destination is the cenote. The cenotes were holy places for the Mayan civilization, that now became locations where to learn more about this ancient culture and also take a refreshing swim! These are the favorite places for some curious people to make snorkel, diving and then explore the submarine caves and maybe find some articles of the Mayan people.

  • Culinary art

Bacalar is a magic town, that means that you can find art and beauty in every corner, and the food is one of the best expressions of this! Which can mix Mexican ingredients with old colonial and even Belizean influences. Some of the most delicious dishes are the tamales and the arroz con frijoles (rise and beans) made with coconut oil. You can also delight some fresh snail in front of the lagoon with its impressive view.

  • Museum of Guerra de Castas

If you want to know more about history and culture of this places, this museum is ideal for you! It tells the story of the Castas War, between the Maya people and descendants of European families established in the Yucatan peninsula. Here you will find representations of the ships and even real weapons used in the confrontation.

  • Fort of San Felipe Neri

In the same place where is located the museum, you can find this impressive fort, created to protect the city from the English, Dutch and French pirates that were looking for provisions, wealth and women. Now is an incredible touristic place where to take some of the best pictures in Bacalar. Do not miss the opportunity to do it!

  • Bacalar rapids

Another incredible activity to enjoy in the lake of Bacalar! It is located in a little river created in a narrow part of the lagoon, even when you will not reach a great speed here, it is fun to navigate it with a boat or kayak. Also you can enjoy a refreshing swim; relax and let your body go with the flow on this magnificent place.

Bacalar is an incredible destination if you are looking to have fun in the water but also be closer to the nature, the richness of this places in culture, beauty and nature is something unique. Contact you Travel and Lifestyle Concierge to book your favorite activities in Bacalar and plan your whole trip in advance.

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