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Talking about Italy always includes all the delicious dishes that you can find in this country; which is not only the home of incredible Roman architecture wonders, art and beautiful landscapes, but also is home of pasta, pizza, gnocchi, prosciutto, antipasti, amazing cheeses, wines and deserts like tiramisu.

If you would like to go to Italy, you must know that it is a big country and the gastronomy may change depending on the region where you want to go. Here you will find some of the most local dishes:

  • Lombardy

Home region of Milan. It is the most glamorous and fashion city of the whole country, it also has tasty surprises like Chicken Milanese, Risotto with saffron made with cheese, pancetta, a lot vegetables and mushrooms, and for dessert, a delicious Panettone with chocolate or little fruits inside, something very typical of this region that you must taste.

  • Toscana

In this region, the bread is the main character. Here you can find famous dishes with bread like Crostini di Fegato, fried breath with a liver paste of duck, chicken, beef and more, also in Ribollita, which is a delicious beans soup served with stale bread, just like Stracotto, a tasty veal stew made with tomatoes, celery and carrots. Find it in Pisa or Florence and enjoy!

  • Veneto

The region where Venice is located. It is one of the most romantic cities of the country, and here you can eat tasty food like the Tiramisu with its flavors of coffee, cookies and creme or a delicious Carpaccio, raw meat of beef, octopus or lamb served in fine slice with olive oil and cheese; both dishes were created in this beautiful region.

  • Campania

The perfect place for pizza! Here you can find this dish in its most classic way. To taste all the flavors of tomatoes, cheese and all the extra ingredients like peperoni, vegetables or seafood, you should also try the Calzone; it has the same ingredients but inside of the crunchy dough. Here you can visit incredible places located in the region like Pompey or Capri and eat this delicious plate!

  • Lazio

Lazio is located in the middle of Italy, and in the middle of this region, Rome is located and its the capital of the country. Here you need to taste some Bruschetta, which is a little slice of toasted bread with prosciutto, cheese, olive oil, a touch of garlic and a lot of vegetables like tomatoes, basil and more. Also the Pasta all ‘amatriciana is very popular, it includes pancetta in its delicious red sauce, simply delicious!

In Italy you will never get tired of the food, in each region you will find a different way to taste the wonder of this country and enjoy one of the principal attractions of this. Contact your Travel and Lifestyle Concierge to get to know where you can eat your favorite Italian dishes in the place where is best prepared.

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