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The Mexican cuisine is recognized all around the world for it delicious dishes with very unique flavors. Thanks to the extensive territory of the country, the preparation of some dishes can vary depending on the region or states, that makes of Mexico a place full of diversity and new food to taste every day.

Hereunder you will find some incredible gastronomic destinations, where the food is a symbol of the region and also incredibly delicious:

  • Jalisco

This state is known as homeland of the Tequila, here you can appreciate incredible plantations of the Agave, but also you can delight incredible dishes that are the perfect mix between Spanish influence and indigenous culture, just like Tortas Ahogadas or Birria, both of them are famous in the whole state and are made with ingredients cultivated in the region.

  • Sinaloa

This state has amazing beach destinations just like Mazatlán. Its proximity to the sea is reflected in its cuisine with the most delicious dishes that include seafood. A good example of these are Aguachiles, very similar to a ceviche, and Tamales Barbones; both of them made with shrimp meat and other ingredients.

  • Oaxaca

A beautiful state full of Magic Towns like Capulálpam de Méndez and archeologic zones like Mitla. Also known for having delicious cheeses, chocolate and coffee. In addition, here you can taste something exotic like the Chapulines; insects that are prepared with lemon and garlic as a snack, always in company of a good Mezcal. A classic drink of the region!

  • Puebla

This place is full of art and history in every corner! Also here you can enjoy an amazing view of impressive volcanoes while you are delighting its gastronomy; which is famous all around the world! Dishes like the Mole Poblano and Chiles en Nogada are some of the most popular but you cannot miss to taste the Cemitas Poblanas and some candies like Camotes Poblanos made with sweet potato.

  • Yucatan

If you are looking to get close to one of the old civilization that used to live in Mexico, Yucatan is an incredible place to do it! Here you can visit some Mayan ruins and archeological zones. Also you can appreciate the great influence of this in the actual culture including the cuisine; with dishes like Cochinita Pibil and the Pib, also called Mucbipollo. All of them conserve a traditional way of preparation, inherited from the Mayan people.

  • Chiapas

The natural beauty of this state is simply stunning! Landscapes full of vegetation, lagoons of intense blue colors and mountains that for sure will captivate you in the same way that the local food will do it. The Tamal de Bola, Cochito Horneado and Huevos a la Chiapaneca are just some of the delicious dishes that you will find here.

In the Mexican culture you will always have something new to discover and learn about. Every corner of the country is full of history and culture, and the cuisine is an amazing way to connect more with this. Contact you Travel and Lifestyle Concierge to know where to find the best dishes of the Mexican gastronomy in your next vacations in the country.

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