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Tenerife is one of the 8 Canary Islands. It has the perfect weather and incredible volcanic beaches! It is one of the favorite beach destinations in all Spain. In addition to the beautiful landscapes, in Tenerife you can find cities full of life and culture that are very similar to the rest of Spain. We recommend to choose a gastronomic tour to discover the most typical flavors and smells of Tenerife.

Here you will find some of the incredible activities that you will do if you choose a gastronomic tour for your next trip to Tenerife:

  • Farmers markets

The most fresh product produced in the island! Here you will find fruits, vegetable, spices, sea food, pig, rabbit, cow and goat meet, or all kind of ingredients for cooking; like honey and flour, recollected in the most natural and organic way. Do not forget to ask for samplings of all these fresh products!

  • Wine cellars

Have you ever seen the creation process of a good wine? In Tenerife you have the option to visit wine yards and cellars, that have an incredible natural view. It is a whole experience to discover and learn about the wine process and even taste it fresh from the barrel.

  • Visit a farm

What about to go around the olives, plantains or avocado cultivation fields and then go to the kitchen to eat delicious food made with all those fresh ingredients? Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Farms are a mandatory stop in the gastronomic tour. Here you can see the process of goat cheese and honey, and you can eat it later in the stunning restaurants located inside of it.

  •  The old market of the city

In Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the main city of the island, you will find its local market Mercado Nuestra Señora de África “La Recova” working since 1944. Here you can know and taste the local food, desserts, cheese and wine, just like Gofio, Chorizo, Papas Arrugadas en Mojo Picón, Sancocho Canario and more! Perfect to go with an empty stomach.

  • Gourmet restaurants

If it fits your budget, you can go and visit some gourmet restaurants and eat local dishes with a touch of elegance and maybe new flavors added. Some popular dishes in this region, and that for sure you will find in an gourmet restaurant, are  made with the cochino or pork, rabbit, fish, goat, shrimps, prawns, octopus and more. Do not miss the opportunity to taste it all!

More than a beach destination, Tenerife is a place for every taste. It is so big that probably you can find your ideal vacation here. A gastronomic tour is an incredible way to get to know the island and the culture at the same time by visiting the places where all these dishes are created and also listening its stories. Contact your Travel and Lifestyle Concierge to book the perfect gastronomic tour for you.

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