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Bahamas is considered one of the most beautiful destinations in the Caribbean. Is one of the favorite countries to vacation for the North American citizens. Here is Summer all year long and there are different activities to do, such as excursions, snorkeling, diving, water parks, museums and the most incredible beaches to relax.

If you see the landscapes of Bahamas you will find the perfect scene for a dreamed vacation. There is white and sometimes pink sands, amazing sunny weather and crystalline sea water. Here you will find some facts that you probably did not know about this destination.

  • Private islands of famous people

Bahamas is formed by 700 islands and only around 30 are populated. Some of them are private properties of famous people and artists just like Johnny Deep, Shakira or some big enterprises like Royal Caribbean. They have their own private paradise to take a break of their busy life.

  • The scene of many movies

Have you ever seen incredible beaches in famous movies like Pirates of the Caribbean, Scooby-Doo, Casino Royale and more? All these were filmed in the Bahamian islands, some of them in Atlantis; the most touristic resort of the country, and others in one of the uninhabited islands. There are also private beaches for cruise lines.

  • A pirate hideaway

With 700 islands there are many spaces to hide and avoid the authorities or make shipwreck to steal its treasures. In the colonial age, the pirates used to have their headquarters in several islands of Bahamas. Almost all of them were British thieves looking for richness in the new world, one of them is the famous pirate Barba Negra.

  • The history of the pig beach

The Exumas island has a very particular population, these are wild but very friendly pigs that love to swim in the ocean and spend time with humans. A story says that the pigs were left there by marines to eat them later, but they never came back, other says that the pigs are survivors to a shipwreck, they swam to the island and stayed there.

  • Cristopher Columbus first stop

After traveling miles and miles from Europe, Christopher Columbus finally arrived to the new world, specifically to the island of Guanahani; the name changed later to San Salvador and was proclaimed as a Spanish territory. Today is known as Watling’s Island and it is an interesting touristic attraction for its many coral reefs.

This country is not only a beautiful treasure of the Caribbean, also it has a lot of culture and stories to learn about, full of pirates, conquers and natural reserves. Do not miss the opportunity to have the vacations of your life in this incredible destination, contact your Personal and Lifestyle Concierge to plan every detail of your next trip to Bahamas.

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