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This country located in the middle of the Caribbean is an authentic tropical treasure! Recognized all around the world for its incredible beaches with a beautiful turquois color, joyful people and a culture full of dances and colors everywhere. Definitely this is a place that you must visit at least once in a lifetime!

If you are interested in visiting Dominican Republic on your next vacations, there are some things that you must know prior your arrival

  • Territory

The island where the country is located is called Hispaniola; this is the first place where the Spanish explorers, directed by Cristopher Columbus, arrived in its travels to The Americas. This is the second largest island of the Caribbean and its territory is shared with Haiti.

  • A popular place

Spectacular beaches, vibrant cities, forests, waterfalls and all kind of animals and cities; these are just some of the reasons why Dominican Republic is the most visited country of the whole Caribbean. Here you can find the perfect ambience for your dreamed vacation that suits your necessities. Ideal for a family trip, with friends or even alone.

  • Oldest buildings

Having a tour around the cities is something that you have to do in your visit to Dominican Republic. There you can find modern locations but also very old and colonial buildings; like the Catedral Primada de América and the Universidad Santo Tomás de Aquino which are the first cathedral and university of the continent.

  • Dances everywhere

If you love dancing, Dominican Republic is the perfect place for you! This country is the homeland of the Bachata and the Merengue; two music genres that perfectly combine with the tropical weather and the warm people of the location. There is no better place to learn to dance both of these genres that in its original country!

  • The highest mountain of the Caribbean

Dominican Republic is not only recognized for its beautiful beaches, it also has many forests and National Parks that create unique landscapes that you can explore. One of these is the Sierra Pelona; the highest point of the whole Caribbean with 10,000 feet. The view is absolutely amazing!

  • The tomb of Cristopher Columbus

Even when the famous explorer has its official tomb in Seville, Spain, is known that Columbus wanted to be burred in the Hispaniola island; for this reason, it is believed that his body remains in Dominican Republic. Actually, there is a whole monument in the city called Faro a Colon, a museum where you can find that tomb.

Dominican Republic is an ideal place if you want to live a tropical experience in the Caribbean. Its history, culture, relaxed lifestyle and charming people will captivate you from the first moment. Do not miss the opportunity to travel to this amazing country! Contact your Travel and Lifestyle Concierge to book your favorite hotel, find the best tour or make a reservation on an incredible Dominican place to discover its culture.

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