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Iceland has the reputation of being only a place full of snow and cold, but it is more than that! It has more green spaces and incredible landscapes of volcanic mountains than ice and cold. For sure you can enjoy its culture and touristic places with the right clothing and in the right season of the year.

If you want to visit Iceland and find some interesting information prior your trip, hereunder you will find some facts that will help you understand better the culture and even to pack the right clothes for your vacations.

  • No mosquitoes, no ants.

Some people will be happy with this news! The lack of insects is something very characteristic of the could countries, but in Iceland you will not find it at any season of the year; all thanks to its weather changes that do not let these bugs complete its growth and maturation process. Also, as an island, its natural conditions are unique in the world.

  • Nordic mythology

These country was territory of the old Viking people, and today you can see and feel its influence in the language, the food or its beliefs, almost all the population still believes in Elves, and these are so important for theme that they do not make construction in place where they think that the Elves can be living at.

  • More sheep than people

In this country there are two sheep for every person. If you go there, you will see it everywhere! Do not forget to take a lot of pictures of this particular animals when you visit a touristic place or while you are driving in the Route 1, that goes around the whole island.

  • Sunlight

Depending on the season that you want to go to Iceland, you can find 24 hours of light. In Summer, you can take advantage of all your day to enjoy the incredible attractions of the country; or 3-4 hours in Winter, to appreciate the most beautiful starry sky. If you have some luck, also you will see stunning Northern Lights.

  • An Island full of volcanoes

This is the country with more volcanoes in the whole world. 200 in all its territory, and a  great part of them are active! Being the volcanic eruption something common, that is why this island is called The Land of Fire and Ice, and its flag is the best representation of that; with the color blue for the sky and sea, red for the volcanoes and the lava, and white for the snow and the glaciers.

  • Its capital

Not everything is about the nature and excursions in this country, Reikiavik, the northern capital of the world, is a place full of life and happy people, this is the city where the 60% of the population lives and where you can taste the local dishes just like Hákarl (shark fermented) or enjoy of Runtur, the night party celebrated every weekend for many people.

Iceland is not only a country of beauty, but also is full of surprises and incredible things that you will not find in any other place in the world. Would you like to visit Iceland on your next holidays? Contact your Travel and Lifestyle Concierge to start planning your next trip to the amazing Land of Fire and Ice.

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