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The most magical place on Earth is a destination that you must visit in your next trip to Orlando. This Resort has activities for people of all ages! That is why is perfect to have a trip with your family or friends, but if you are having an express trip and you do not have to much time to visit theme parks or the tickets go out of you budget, you do not have to worry, there are many low cost or free activities to do in Walt Disney World to enjoy the magic.

Get to know about this amazing activities and do not worry about the Theme Park tickets:

  • Restaurants

You can visit different restaurants inside Disney World! The only thing that you need to have a meal with all you favorite Disney characters around, is a reservation. There are many different options to choose and the meals are not that expensive, and the best part is that most restaurants are beautifully decorated and the food is simply delicious!

Beaches and Cream
  • Hotels

The Disney hotels have amazing areas, structures and decorations of the movies and characters to take incredible pictures with no cost! Take the free transportation and visit as many hotels as you like and get tons of pictures!

Art of Animation Resort
  • Campsite

There is an option where you can go with your camper for a very low cost, or you can choose to camp in a tent in the hotel Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground. Here you will have an incredible Disney experience close to nature, and maybe you will be surprised by Chip and Dale in the campfire to sing and have fun!

  • Boardwalk

This place is famous for its nightlife! It is a little area with a lot of restaurants and clubs, where you can go and take a walk or a boat ride for free, also there you can find famous characters doing music shows all around, or simply stay there, get an ice cream till sunset to have the funniest and most magical experience in Disney property.

  • Kayak ride

Next to the campsite, there is the biggest lagoon of all Walt Disney World, where you can rent kayaks or canoes and have a great view of Magic Kingdom or explore different Disney’s hidden corners while you are having fun on the water.

  • Monorail

Disneyworld is so big that is almost impossible to go around the whole Resort just walking around, and that is why one of the most amazing things is that the transportation inside of it its totally free! What a better way to go around and see everything from above in the monorail? Something that you will never forget.

  • Disney Springs

Restaurants for all kind of tastes, movie theaters, the most famous shops, bars, live music shows, entertainment and more! Disney Springs is an outdoor mall where you can find everything you need to spend an incredible day like cheap or fancy food, the best artist playing your favorite music, the biggest Disney’s shop and even a Star Wars and Wreck-it Ralph attractions.

  • Electrical Water Pageant

If you want to go around Disney at night and see something colorful and beautiful, the Electrical Water Pageant is a good option! It is a spectacle of illuminated structures of animals like turtles, dragons, octopus, dolphins and mores, floating, dancing and jumping in the water, something that for sure will impress and make happy to you kids.

Disneyworld is the dreamed vacation place for many people all around the world, even when there are more Disney Resorts in other cities, Disneyworld is the biggest one, and where you can find more activities and attractions, so do not let a short budget or a very fast trip stop your dream to go to Disney, contact your Travel and Lifestyle Concierge to plan your next travel to Orlando to visit the house of Mickey.

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