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Some people think about airports as a boring experience full of hours of waiting and tons of people running everywhere to arrive to their boarding gates, but it does not have to be like that, some airports are incredible architectonic master pieces, with beautiful decorations, shops, parks for the kids, restaurants, bars and more.

You might be thinking, where are those fabulous airports and how can I take advantage of them? Beyond Experience shows you some of the best airports of the world:

  • Tokyo International Airport

This is one of the cleanest and well organized airports in the world. Also known as the Haneda International Airport, this is an incredible building where the time will pass by and you will never notice. Contemplate the amazing panoramic views in its terraces, enjoy delicious coffee or go to its planetary and admire all the constellations. You can even bring your pets with you!

  • Zurich International Airport

This is the greatest and the most important airport at Switzerland. It was designed for a Japanese architect who added modern decorations, in addition to all the restaurants, hotels, showers, spa, gym, high technology and easy mobilization in trains. All these will make your trip something even more incredible.

  • Changi Airport

Singapore is an amazing country full of modern structures and culture, and its principal airport is a great representation of what the country offers. With inner gardens with flowers and butterflies, art exhibitions, children parks, even pools and Jacuzzis! All thought to make the travel experience something unique and unforgettable.

  • Incheon international airport

This is the closest airport to Seoul, the capital of South Korea, which shows the great and modern life of the country by its huge structure. Here you can find museums, casinos, sleep capsules, meeting halls and more. It is an incredible mix of luxury, culture and relaxation while you are waiting for your fly.

  • Munich airport

The Munich-Franz Josef Strauss is one of the most important airports in Europe. It has incredible outdoor halls with shops, a beautiful structure with decorations that connect to boarding gates. In this airport you can find restaurants with the gastronomy of the country and depending on the season, you also can find an ice-skating rink, surf station, basketball or mini-golf court.

The long and boring waitings in the airports are over! All thanks to all the incredible things that the airports are adding to its facilities. With wifi, great food, and a lot of activities, your experience in the airport will be something incredible. Contact your Personal and Lifestyle Concierge to know what are the activities available in your next destination’s airport.

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