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Traveling around the world is simply the best! You can enjoy incredible activities at the beach or the mountains, beautiful landscapes and relaxation. But…have you ever imagined all the benefits that you can get by traveling in low season? Is another amazing way to take advantage of your trip!

Hereunder you will find some of the best reasons why you should choose a low season trip for your next vacations:

  • Low prices

It is not a secret that the most expensive parts of having a trip, are the flight tickets and accommodation. But if you choose a low season like September or May to have your vacations, you will find out that the prices will be lower than other seasons; even in the most popular destination or luxury resorts!

  • A destination just for you

By visiting your favorite destination in low season, you can take the best pictures, enjoy amazing beaches, malls and other popular touristic attractions without a great mass of people around you. Enjoy the perfect holidays and take advantage of your trip in the best way!

  • Save time

Another incredible benefit of traveling in low season is the great availability of restaurants, theme parks, hotels, flights, transportations and more. You do not have to worry about booking in advance or wait by a very long line to enjoy the best attractions or food. You will get all these on time and with an exclusive service. Use your time as you prefer!

  • More contact with local people

If you want to know more about the culture and lifestyle of your favorite destinations, traveling in low season is the perfect opportunity to do it. With less tourist around, the local people feel more comfortable to have a conversation and share some drinks with you, even the workers of your preferred establishments attends you more patiently and kindly.

  • Perfect for a getaway

No matter the location that you have chosen for your trip, if you travel on a not so popular season, the relaxation will be in the air and it is perfect if you are looking for a getaway from a big city and a very fast lifestyle. On these seasons you will find yourself in an incredible resort almost for you.

A trip in low season has the perfect formula for relaxation and for creating unforgettable moments. Take some time to go out of the routine and have an incredible journey by yourself or with your special people. Contact your Travel and Lifestyle Concierge to start planning your dreamed vacations in low season.

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