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Traveling to Russia means having a whole new experience! People with different customs, cold weather almost all year long, and a culture full of battles, old empires and religion. Its big cities are full of charm and have a gentle touch of European style, but also, it has many places to explore and discover, such as mountains, lakes, beaches, glaciers and more.

If you are interested to go to this incredible country, there are some facts that you must know prior your trip:

  • Weather

Russia is the biggest country in the world and a big part of it, is located in the Arctic Polar Circle; this is why the country is known as one of the coldest places to live or visit. In cities like Moscow or Saint Petersburg you can feel a warmer weather in the summer, reaching almost 86 F° at summer days and cooler at night. An incredible weather to enjoy the city!

  • Folklore

Russia counts with a very strong culture; the theater, famous classic artists, ballet and folkloric dances just like the Cossacks are symbols of the country. Almost everything is based in old stories and it has influenced many countries around. That was part of the Soviet Union; just like Ukraine, that shares similar music and dances with Russia. Don’t miss the opportunity to see it!

  • Gastronomy

The variety of gastronomy that you can find in Russia is as big as the country. Their dishes are full of proteins; wild berries and mushrooms, just like the Stroganoff and Olivier Salad. Soups are popular all year to keep people warm, caviar is one of the preferred to spread on bread, and also here you will find sushi everywhere, even when this is a Japanese dish, Russia is the second country that eats it the most.

  • How are the people there?

Russians have the reputation of being serious people; that is because of their tradition of not smiling to strange people, but actually, Russian people are really generous, helpful, emotional and familiar. There you can find whole families living in the same house and making you feel welcome.

  • Architecture

Almost every monument in Russia is religious. The principal religion in this country is the Russian Orthodox Church, and the architecture of its temple has characteristic domes on the top with a shape similar to an onion. Have you ever seen the Saint Basil’s Cathedral? This is one of the most symbolic, colorful and beautiful temples of the country and a good example of what was described before.

  • A superstitious country

Superstitions are very important in the Russian culture. Giving a pair number of flowers is frowned upon, to make a wish when you are between two people with the same name, to be careful to not spill the salt and avoid letting empty bottles in a table to have money in the future, are just some of the superstitions that are part of the Russian daily life. It is really important to take it in consideration in your next to this land!

Russia is one of that places to go completely out of the routine. The culture is so different and so rich at the same time, that is worthy to venture out. As part of Europe and Asia at the same time, in addition to its strong culture, you can also appreciate the big influence of these two continents. Contact your Travel and Lifestyle Concierge to know the best way to appreciate what Russia can offer to you.

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