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Who doesn’t love to relax under the sun, enjoy an amazing tan and swim in refreshing water? Summer is ideal to visit all those destinations where you can take advantage of this season in the best way and enjoy of some activities like surf, beach volleyball, snorkel and more, with an incredible warm weather.

If you want to have the best summer vacations, here Beyond Experience gives you some tips to enjoy unforgettable moments on your trip:

  • Plan everything in advance

Almost all summer months are high season; that means that a lot of people are looking for a trip to vacation destinations. For this reason, you have to book your flights, tickets or tours in advance! To ensure that you will enjoy all the activities included in your itinerary. In addition, if you book some months before you trip, you can find some offers and incredible prices.

  • Pack the essentials

If you are traveling to a paradise island or an exotic tropical destination, some of the most important things to pack are fresh clothing, sunscreen, flip flops for the beach and maybe some sneakers if you would like to walk all around the place in a more comfortable way. Once you have all that, you are ready to enjoy Summer!

  • Hydration

With the high temperatures of this season, is very easy to get dehydrated or feel exhausted, that is why having some water and good snacks in your bag can be a great idea. It is the perfect way to recover your energies to keep exploring the incredible wonders of your chosen destination. Do not let anything stop your experience!

  • Taste street food

The summer nights are perfect to walk around the city or town of your choice. Explore the beauty of the place, to know the lifestyle of its people and delight the local food served on food trucks or carts. This is an amazing way to save some money in food!

  • Transportation

The heat in summer can be something amazing for the beach or the pool, but inside of a public transportation can be a little annoying. A good option for this is to rent a car, to move wherever you want in your own way and time. Also you can book a guided tour by bus, even when it is shared, inside it is fresh and comfortable.

Take advantage of the blue skies, intense sun and perfect weather for outdoor activities! Just imagine yourself enjoying the beach with and delicious piña colada in your hand. The best summertime is waiting for you! Contact your Travel and Lifestyle Concierge, to plan your next tailor-made vacations in this amazing season.

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