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In Mexico, the term Magic Town is used in all those locations that have a different energy to the rest, where you can relax, have fun and know more about the Mexican culture. The streets of all these towns are beautifully decorated in a baroque, colonial and neoclassic style; with houses, museums and churches that look like the 18th century. You can feel that you are travelling in time! Also, these towns are famous for its handcrafted objects and local food that you will not find anywhere else!

If you would like to discover a Magic Town, Beyond Experience shows you some of the best:

  • Pátzcuaro

A beautiful town located above a hill and near to a lake! Is there a better scene for having a cultural experience? Just imagine walking around one of the streets while you are contemplating the view. Not for nothing this town is called The Door to Heaven! During the day you can visit places like the house of 11 courtyards, and at night, you can see the whole town at the top of the hill at its viewpoint.

  • Tequila

For sure the name of this town will sound familiar to you. This is the home town of the popular Mexican drink and the perfect place to know all the creation process. Its cultivation fields are Cultural Heritage of the Humanity and you can take a train and go all around it. Also, there are “tequila themed” hotels, where you can sleep inside a giant tequila barrel and live a unique experience!

  • Bacalar

All the culture, art and color that you can find in a Magic Town but at the edge of an incredible turquoise beach of the Caribbean. Located in the Mayan Riviera, this town has the perfect mixture for a touristic destination. Explore an amazing colonial fort, that today is the San Felipe Museum. Also, you can make snorkel and kayak in the lagoon or the cenote; or maybe enjoy a tour to the Mayan archeologic zone of Kohunlich.

  • San Pablo Villa de Mitla 

Commonly known as Mitla, it has an amazing archeological zone of an old civilization, but also a little town that has beautiful structures; very characteristic of the location. It is famous for its handcrafted textiles that you can find in the craft market. Also is known for its delicious food, like black, green, yellow or red Mole. Explore the wonders of a Magic Town!

  • Bernal

A town full of charm, peace and quietness, perfect for tasting some wine, cheese and relax! Some people think that the good vibes of the town come from the third largest monolith of the world called Peña de Bernal,; an incredible mountain full of stones, which you can see from every place of the town. Climb it and absorb all its incredible energy!

The perfect places to enjoy a getaway! The Mexican Magic Towns are an amazing example of this, where you can get more contact with nature and the most traditional customs. Also, you can feel that you are traveling in time with its beautiful classic houses and gothic temples. Contact your Travel and Lifestyle Concierge to start planning your next vacation to a Magic Town in Mexico.

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