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Have you ever dreamed to travel to Lima and Machu Picchu? Peru is a mandatory stop for every good traveler, with incredible landscapes and a rich culture. An amazing experience will be guaranteed for you! Part of this experience is to taste traditional dishes of the gastronomy and fortunately Peru has some of the most delicious and important of South America.

Beyond Experience shows you some of the most popular dishes:

  • “Ají de gallina”

This delicious dish has an influence of the indigenous local people and is something that you must taste in your trip to the south American country. It is made of hen’s breast and a sauce made of onions and ají (chili pepper). This dish is served with potatoes, olives and white rice. A complete and delicious dish to recover your energy to continue exploring the Inca country.

  • “Lomo saltado”

Peru has a very strong Asian influence. Thanks to the Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and Japanese immigration at the beginning of the 20th century, the Lomo Saltado is a good example of this. Made with beef tenderloin with vegetables, similar to several Asiatic recipes, it is served with white rice and French fries. A tasty dish that you will find almost in every corner of Peru.

  • “Ceviche”

Peru is a coastal country, this is why the seafood is an essential ingredient in a lot of typical dishes. Even when Ceviche is made in a lot of countries around the world, in Peru is one of the most traditional dishes. Made with raw fish or any seafood, marinated in lemon juice, a touch of bitter orange, sliced chili pepper and onions, to make it more traditional it is served with potatoes or choclo; a large type of corn.

  • Fried Guinea Pig

These adorable creatures are called Cuy in the country and are a very popular dish in the Peruvian gastronomy. You can find it in restaurants or as fast food by the streets of the Andean country. The animal is fried without its organs, having as a result a very tasty meat high in proteins. For sure its flavor will surprise you! Would you eat it?

  • Chaufa

The Asian influence in Peru is present in a lot of aspect of the country’s daily life and you can see it in the Chifa food. That is the name of the Peruvian and Asian gastronomy; the star dish of this is the Chaufa rice, which is the version of the fried rice of the region, but this one can be made of chicken, beef, duck, pig, sea food or different meats. Also, it can be combined with sautéed noodles, which is another Chifa dish.

  • Causa

This delicious cold dish is another must on your trip to Peru. Commonly, it is served as an appetizer and is cooked with layers of mashed potatoes, filled with avocado and a mix of chicken and mayonnaise. Do not forget to compliment this with a cold Chicha Morada; a refreshing purple corn drink. Enjoy the most traditional and delicious experience!

The rich Peruvian culture is perfectly reflected in its gastronomy. The influence of foreign and ancient cultures create something unique that you must see and taste by yourself. Every moment will be unforgettable! Contact your Travel and Lifestyle Concierge to have a complete itinerary of what to do and taste in your favorite Peruvian cities.

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